Application Instructions


Your Product should be installed within the recommended storage life of 6 Months.
Product should be stored at room temperature.

Installation Temperature Recommendations:
Surface temperature should be between 50 and 90 degrees during installation.
Do not attempt installation in direct sunlight or when surface is hot to the touch.
Surface Preparation & Cleaning:
Preparation for graphics application Wash and Dry vehicle thoroughly with soap and water and a lint free towel or shame.
Once Dry Remove all Surface contamination with acetone or isopropyl rubbing alcohol You may also purchase Rapid Prep cleaning solution on our web site.
To remove heavy road grime or tar we recommend using Rapid Prep cleaning solution.
Dry the surface with a clean, lint free towel or shame.
Failure To Follow These Instructions May Result In Adhesion Failure.

• Put a piece of masking tape on each end of your vinyl transfer in the area where you plan to apply it and anchor each end to the application surface with masking tape.

• Estimate the center of your vinyl transfer and place two vertical lengths of masking tape to secure the vinyl transfer and create a center hinge as shown in the illustration
This step allows you to apply half of the vinyl transfer at a time.

• Remove the masking tape anchor from one end of your vinyl transfer and SLOWLY peel the release liner away towards the center masking hinge.
Be careful not to touch the adhesive side of the vinyl transfer. Use scissors to cut away the excess release liner and discard.

• Hold your vinyl transfer by the application tape, careful not to touch the vinyl adhesive to the application surface until you are ready to squeegee.
Beginning at the center hinge, make easy overlapping, pushing strokes with your squeegee. Remove the center hinge tape and slowly peel the remaining release liner away.
Squeegee the other half of the vinyl transfer, working from the center to the edges.

• To remove the application tape, peel SLOWLY at a sharp (180°) angle. If the vinyl appears to be lifting, gently push the application tape in the opposite direction from which
you were pulling and re-squeegee that area. If after removing the application tape, air bubbles are apparent, puncture the vinyl with a pin or sharp #11 x-acto blade
squeegee out the air towards the puncture.

Wet Application Method Recommended for Beginners: Spraying a light mist of Rapid Tac application solution onto your application surface will delay the adhesive activation
between the bonding surface and vinyl transfer, resulting in a bubble-free, wrinkle-free application.
CAUTION: Wet application may delay the immediate removal of the application tape. A waiting period of up to 30 minutes may be necessary.

RAPID TAC Brand Application Fluid is available for purchase here on our site.

Additional Precautions and Procedures:
Do not excessively stretch graphic during application. This will cause of ends lift. Pull the stripe only as taut as necessary to keep a straight line.
Because vinyl is a pressure-sensitive product, a squeegee must be used for all installations.
Apply graphics using a squeegee. After the application tape/premask is removed, squeegee a second time, focusing mainly on the edges and tips.
Pin stripe can be laid down initially using your thumb. However, after the application tape is removed, a squeegee must be used on all cut ends
including door breaks as well as the ends of the stripe.
When removing the application tape/premask, always pull it slowly, back onto itself, at a 180-degree angle.
Bubbles should be punctured using a sharp air release tool a x-acto knife is recommended . Do not slit the vinyl to release the air. If the vinyl is slit it will spread or gap.
The cutting or trimming of any stripe or graphic should be done using an x-acto knife using very little pressure. Any openings, such as doors,
should be trimmed back away from edges at least 1/8 of an inch. Do not wrap the vinyl around door edges this will promote lifting of the graphics in the future.

Vinyl graphics and other items such as dashboards, tires and flexible rubber products will have a shorter life expectancy when exposed to severe heat and sunlight.
Storage precautions should be taken when hood, roof or deck graphics are installed.
Protection of graphics from prolonged direct sunlight will insure an extended life. We always recommend hiring a professional for installation.


For Additional Tips and tricks check out these helpful you tube videos. vinyl graphics installation