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Rapid Tac


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Rapid Tac Application Fluid. The top choice for professional installers!
This is a must have for any graphics installation project.

Available in 3oz Pump & 32 oz Sprayer

Using Rapid Tac Application fluid will allow easy installation graphics for those not comfortable with dry application.
Rapid Tac Application Fluid also cleans the surface without leaving residues ensuring a contaminant free installation.
It then helps to “float” the vinyl film until it is properly positioned. Rapid Tac Application Fluid’s best feature is that it effectively breaks the surface tension of the adhesive on the film allowing it to flow and bond to the substrate more effectively than even a dry application.
It is now possible to achieve a full bond in as little as ninety seconds.
A must for any wet graphics installation.

NOTICE: Rapid Tac can diluted 8-1 so a 3oz bottle will make 24oz